We aim to build a trading platform based on trust and fairness.  TSC prides itself in maintaining an unfaltering commitment to “authentic parts, good price with three “S” which are Speed, Service and relationShip”

All products entering our warehouse are screened for authenticity. 

we do not have many special machines set up for incoming inspection, but our experience has taught us how to check for fakes through some basic visual tests. 

First, we screen the out packing and product label. 

We check the marking on the IC, the printing of the emblem / logo. We also check the leads/pins for residue and traces of solder. The style, shape, space between leads are all carefully examined to see if they've ever been used onto a board before. we also check the back of the IC to see uniformity in manufacture lot code/ coo printing. Any product found to be bulk / used or refurbished are immediately held and returned to supplier

Package Inspection
we check packing condition based on our relatively long personal experience. And compare to other original factory packing that we have.
Component Inspection for open package
in case of open package, we check component’s lead and other conditions by
microscopes that we have.
check printed LOGO and ink for that, serial No., and bar codes.
  when we scan bar code, in case of counterfeit components, it does not match with serial no. and bar codes